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Welcome to GoSwift e-border queueing reservation system


- Attention! From 23.05.2016 the prices of the electronic border queue and waiting area are going to change.
The new prices are:
for booking a place in the electronic border queue online, in the call-centre and in the waiting area: € 1,50
Waiting area rate A B C D
In Luhamaa 0,05 € 3,20 € 11,20 € 11,20 €
In Koidula - - 14,00 € 14,00 €
In Sillamäe - - 14,47 € -
In Narva 1,00 € 3,00 € 14,00 € 14,00 €
NB! Prices include VAT.

From 23rd May there are going to be several changes in the border queue management service for A and B category vehicles:

- at Koidula border crossing point one cannot book a place in the queue and one doesn’t have to go through the waiting area. Vehicles wanting to cross the border must drive straight to the border. .

- at Narva border crossing point for booking a place in the queue for a certain time one must pay 1,50 € for border crossing and pay a waiting area fee according to the category (A-kat € 1.- ja B-kat € 3.-);
B-category vehicles should arrive within 20 minutes from waiting area to BCP

- without paying one can take a place in the queue only if the vehicle is registrated in the live queue Narva waiting area self-service terminal and if the vehicle is staying in the waiting area for less than 15 minutes

- Attention, Starting at 06.10.2014 additional rules applies to C and BC category:
* At least half of the gross weight of the vehicle arriving at the waiting area, has to be declared on the same day a driver makes a booking in the border crossing electronic queue, or earlier.
* Keep in mind that in order to use the priority queue line, all goods inside the vehicle, have to belong to a time-sensitive product group.

- ATTENTION!!! Due to construction work at the Narva border crossing point, there will be changes to the traffic management starting from the 1st of July 2014. The car and bus terminal at Peetri Square will be closed during this time. All vehicles are advised to enter and exit through the truck terminal at Tuleviku Street. Please find the temporary traffic management scheme here:

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